Mechanical Engineering

The department was started in the year 2009 with an aim of imparting quality education in the field of Mechanical Engineering and bringing out efficient engineers. The department offers an undergraduate program in B.Tech, Mechanical Engineering. The faculty members are well qualified and highly experienced. It has Good no of established laboratories with state of the art equipment.

 Apart from the day to day teaching process the students are exposed to expert lectures, adjunct courses and industrial visits which are beyond the curriculum activities specified by JNTUH, Hyderabad. Excellent and Eminent Professors, ASSOC Professors, Assistant Professors and actively involved in latest research.

Programs Offered
The department offers an undergraduate B.Tech program in Mechanical Engineering with an intake capacity of 60 students.

This laboratory caters to the needs of mechanical and electrical engineering students in the subject of fluid mechanics and hydraulic machinery. The laboratory is equipped with a large number of equipment and experimental setups to study the fundamental and applied aspects of hydraulics and fluid mechanics. The setups comprise a variety of flow measuring devices like venturi meters, weirs, notches, orifice meters, and flow study techniques for estimating losses in pipes, study of impact of jets over vanes, Hydraulic Ram, etc. The laboratory is also equipped with different types of water turbines like Francis, Kaplan and Pelton Wheel, and has facilities and requisite instrumentation to study the characteristics of these turbines. The laboratory also has centrifugal and reciprocating pump setups on which a number of experiments are carried out. The equipment is operated in a closed loop which conserves water and obviates the need for large quantities of water supply.

The workshop facility was set up to meet the requirements of the students of mechanical and electrical engineering. The workshop imparts training in basic skills like fitting, plumbing, black smithy, tin smithy, welding, foundry and also in house wiring. It is equipped with requisite tools, equipment and has experienced staff to train students.

This laboratory caters to the needs of mechanical engineers in the field of engineering chemistry like physical and chemical aspects of solid, liquid and gaseous fuels and lubricants. The laboratory has excellent equipment for finding out properties of fuels and lubricants like flash and fire points, viscosity, calorific value, percentage of carbon residue and grease index numbers. The lab has viscosity measuring apparatus like Redwood and other viscometers; bomb and other calorimeters for establishing the calorific value of solid, liquid and gaseous fuels, and equipment for evaluating solid lubricants like grease.

In this lab the first year students are exposed to practical aspects of light, sound, electricity, magnetism and electronic circuits

This laboratory was set up to meet the requirements of the second year students of mechanical engineering. The laboratory equipment includes heat engines like multi-cylinder petrol engine, single cylinder high-speed diesel engine and variable compression ratio four-stroke petrol engine.  The equipment also includes refrigeration test rig, air conditioning test rig, models for determining valve timing of two-stroke and four-stroke engines.  Students are also exposed to different types of boiler models.

This laboratory was set up to meet the requirements of the second year students of mechanical engineering. The laboratory houses microstructure study equipment for different materials to determine the hardening ability of steels by Jominy and End Quench Tests. The Rockwell hardness tester was purchased to determine the hardness of various treated and untreated steels.

This laboratory has been established to cater to the needs of the third year students in the areas of metal casting, welding, mechanical press working and the processing of plastics. The laboratory houses foundry equipment, arc welding and spot welding equipment, hydraulic press and injection molding machines.

This lab has been established to meet the requirements of the second year students.  The laboratory is equipped with a universal testing machine of 20 ton capacity, a torsion testing machine, impact testing machine, spring testing machine, deflection measurement apparatus, Rockwell and Brinell hardness testing machines.

The subject of heat transfer is one of the core areas of mechanical engineering.  In this laboratory, the students are exposed to experiments on conduction heat transfer like determination of thermal conductivity, estimation of heat conduction in composite wall etc.  Also the experiments included are on natural convection heat transfer, forced convection heat transfer, condensation and boiling heat transfer, radiation heat transfer and heat exchangers. Also an experimental test facility to study the heat transfer coefficient using power fluids has been developed.

This lab deals with experiments in metrology.  Metrology means study of measurements. The students have to do accurate measurements of lengths, heights, diameters using vernier calipers and micrometers.  Also the experiments to be conducted include, gear teeth measurements, angle measurement, thread dimensions measurement, surface roughness measurement, etc.

This lab deals with experiments on manufacturing by machining processes. The various machine tools included are lathe machine, shaping machine, drilling machine, grinding machine, milling machine etc.  The various jobs to be done on these machines are step turning, taper turning, thread cutting, drilling and tapping, slotting, milling, grinding, etc.

This laboratory has been established to meet the requirements of the final year students. The areas falling under this category include drafting 2D and 3D, part modeling, finite element analysis and computer-aided manufacturing. The various software’s incorporated for this purpose are AUTO CAD, ANSYS, and PRO-engineer. The students are trained on CNC trainer lathe and milling machines in CAM lab.

The laboratory is well equipped with flow, temperature, pressure measurement and control equipment. This lab caters to the needs of final year students by means of various experiments in the above mentioned areas.

S. No Name of Faculty Designation/Experience Qualification  
1 K.Ravindranath Tagore HOD,(13yrs)

B.E(Mech),M.Tech(Machine design),


Rabindranath TagoreMech
2 T.Laxmi Narayana Rao Assoc.Professor,(Industry-18yrs,Teach-5yrs) M.Tech,(Ph.D) T.Laxmi Narayana RaoMech
3 Ch.Sheshagiri Rao Asst.Prof,(Industry-40yrs,Teach-2yrs) B.Tech,(M.Tech) Ch.Sheshagiri RaoMech
4 Ojaswini Pandagare Asst.Prof,(4yrs) B.Tech,(M.Tech)  Ojashwinimech
5 V.Bhavani Asst.Prof,(4yrs)


6 M.V.Rama Krishna Asst.Prof,(6yrs)  B.Tech,(MBA)
7 B.Uday Kumar Asst.Prof,(3yrs)  B.Tech,(MBA)  B.Uday kumarMech 
8 B.Mahesh Asst.Prof,(2yrs) B.Tech B.MaheshMech-001
9 S.Sangeetha Asst.Prof,(1yr) B.Tech S.SangeethaMech

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