Electronics & Communication Engineering

In the Ellenki College of Engineering & Technology, the department of Electronics and Communication Engineering has been in existence since its inception in 20011998 and produced 7 batches of undergraduates, each batch consisting of 120 sixty students. The department is the alma-mater of many graduates settled in respectable high positions at home and abroad.
As a result of the Excellent Teaching  Methodology adopted by a highly dedicated and committed team of Good No of faculty members in producing exceptional caliber graduates during the past . In addition to undergraduate course, the department has opened up admissions for postgraduate courses viz., VLSI System Design From 2008 and an annual intake of 18.

The students of ECE department in addition to securing higher ranks in competitive examinations like GATE, TOEFL, GRE etc., represented the college in various national and international seminars and conferences and thereby brought laurels to the college. The pass percentage of students has been consistent with more than 80 percent since 2002.

This Laboratory is specifically meant for I year students of under graduate course, deals with the experiments on Electronics Devices and Circuits. Every bench is equipped with a dual trace oscilloscope, dual Power Supply and a signal generator.

The experiments on Analog ICs, like Operational Amplifiers, Timers, and Phase lock loops etc., and their applications are being studied. Here also, every bench is equipped with a dual trace oscilloscope, dual Power Supply and a signal generator.

The experiments based on Logic and Digital circuits are performed using IC trainers and component development systems are provided on every table

To perform Assembly Language Program on 8086 Microprocessors and 8051 Micro controllers by connecting different interfaces.

1.    Analog Communication lab: Analog Modulation trainers and component development systems for modulation and demodulation using different techniques.
2.    Digital Communication Lab: Advanced digital communication trainers for experimentation of various types of digital modulation and de modulation techniques
3.    Microwave Lab: This laboratory has 10 microwave benches and four Fiber optic trainer kits that can be used by the students for all experimental work on microwaves and fibre optic Lab including the recording of radiation pattern of microwave antennas.

ECE – Computer Centre
This center has high-end server connected with 36 nodes of P-IV systems to meet the current trends in the field of Microprocessor and microcontroller related experiments. This Laboratory caters the need of following courses namely

DSP Lab:
The Lab has equipped with Texas make DSP Kits and various interfaces totaling about 15, supplied by Crane software and also has legal software Mat lab with necessary tool boxes.


E-CAD Lab:
1.    20 user licensed versions of Tina-Pro, FPGA advantage software for VHDL and Verilog applications.
2.    HDL and EDA Tools: This laboratory is meant for I semester M.Tech (VLSI System Design) course. The latest version FPGA advantage software is used as front-end tool.     
3.    Mixed Signal Lab: This laboratory is meant for II Semester M.Tech (VLSI System Design) course.   The latest Mixed Signal Design Software “ Microwind -3 of 50 users license supplied by ni2 logic,Pune for performing both Analog and Digital VLSI related experiments

S. No Name of Faculty Designation/Experience Qualification
1 T.Sravan Kumar HOD,(10yrs) M.Tech T.ShravanECE
2 C.Venkataiah Assoc.Prof. M.Tech
3 M.Govind Rao Asst.Prof. M.Tech Govind RaoECE
4 M.Sridhar Assoc.Prof M.S M.SridharEce
5 G.Dhanushya Asst.Prof. B.Tech G.Dhanushyaece
6 B.Laxmi Narayana Assoc.Prof M.Tech
7 M.Radhika Assoc.Prof M.Tech M.Radhikaece
8 V.Sirisha Asst.Prof B.Tech V.Sirishaece
9 V.Nirmala Asst.Prof B.Tech V.Nirmalaece
10 M.Krishna Chaitanya Assoc.Prof M.Tech M.Krishna Chaitanyaece
11 P.Suresh Reddy Assoc.Prof M.E(Mech) P.Suresh Reddyece-001
12 H.Ramesh Asst.Prof M.Tech Rameshece
13 V.Ravi Kumar Asst.Prof B.Tech
14 P.J.Saritha Assoc.Prof M.E Pj.Sarithaece
15 B.Kishore Babu Assoc.Prof M.Tech kishore babuece
16 Balamurali Krishna Assoc.Prof M.Tech
17 I.Sri Ram Asst.Prof B.Tech photo


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