Rules & Regulations

Rules and Regulations of B.Tech. Programs


Following are the rules relating to attendance requirements:

  • ØEvery student is expected to have 100% attendance in each subject in which he/she has registeredin the beginning of the semester. However,  condonation for shortage of attendance up to 25%(i.e., not lower than aggregate attendance of 75% in any subject) may be granted by the concernedHead of the Department.
  • ØIf the period of absence is for a short duration (of not more than two weeks), application forleave shall have to be submitted to the Head of the Department concerned stating fully thereasons for the leave requested for along with supporting document (s). The Head of theDepartment will grant such leave.
  • ØAbsence for a period not exceeding two weeks in a semester due to sickness or any otherUnavoidable reason for which prior application could not be made, may be condoned by theHead of the Department provided he/she is satisfied with the explanation.
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